Case Study

Saipan Half Marathon
April 9, 2022
Northern Marianas Athletics

Located on a small island in the Western Pacific Ocean, the challenges of timing the Saipan Half Marathon are obvious. Traditional timing solutions have to fly staff, increasing costs drastically. ONETIME’s remote solution allowed Northern Marianas Athletics to have affordable live results that reduced the event’s carbon impact.


“Setting up ONETIME couldn’t be easier on race day. We unrolled the mat, turned the device on, and watched the race run over them. Instant results amazed our runners and supporters. Our Event Specialist was responsive and patient, giving us complete confidence in the system.”

Remote Timing

“In years past, we’ve had to fly in timers adding lots of cost to our event. ONETIME’s solution is so competitive that we can now time the smaller races that Northern Marianas Athletics holds, which is fantastic for our small community.”

Getting Greener

“Being an island nation, climate change and rising sea levels are front of mind. The largest carbon impact our event has is from travel. We saved an estimated 2.7 tonnes of CO2e by not flying in a timer, a huge win for our partners and us.”

– Robin Sapong, Race Director

Saipan Half Marathon

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