Case Study

Giant 2W Gravity Enduro
10 April, 14 May, 11 June, 2022
Rotorua Moutain Bike Club

The biggest MTB Enduro Series in the Southern Hemisphere chooses ONETIME to provide a world-class event experience.


In years past, 2W used a timing system that wasn’t designed for mountain biking. This meant riders had to physically check in and out of each timing point with a tag on their wrist. ONETIME makes it possible to accurately capture real race times as riders speed over the timing points. The result is smiles all round, with riders focusing on their riding, not the timing.


As soon as riders finish a stage they can jump on their phones to see how they went, adding to the race excitement. This lets supporters from all over the world tune in to follow the race action live. The live data coming from ONETIME is critical to confirming a rider has finished a stage safely.

The timing we had used worked well for many years, however with the growth of 2W, we needed to remove the “human error” factor and needed a system that was more innovative, more accurate that you didn’t need to manually punch in a transponder into a box.

Why did we choose ONETIME?

1. They’re personal, they are dedicated, responsive, and deliver what they say they’ll do.

2. The timing mats are fantastic, easy for the riders, easy for the operations team, and make enduro racing a better experience for riders.

3. The tech is fantastic, results are live quickly, and supporters can track rider results in real-time!

Craig Murray

Director, Intrinsic Events

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