Get Race Ready with

Getting race ready couldn’t be easier, just grab any Tag and assign it in app before clipping onto your laces.

1. Download the App

Get the ONETIME App and make a profile.

Don’t want to download the app right now?

Quick assign tag by selecting your event.

2. Create an account

Tap Register in App or create an account here.

3. Find your event

Scroll down or search for the event name to find your event in All Events. Tap Save Event to add it to My Events.

4. Assign Tag

Tap Assign Tag then tap the   icon to scan the QR code on the back of the tag. Tap Assign Tag.

5. Success, Attach to your Shoe

ONETIME will process your info and then send your phone a success notification. Once received, attach the Tag to your laces with both clips for maximum grip. You’re now race-ready!

Help! My Tag Assignment Failed

You can try again, this time making sure your name and DOB is the exactly the same as when you registered for the event.

Please see the event staff for assistance if it keeps failing. You can also photograph the back of the tag to troubleshoot after the event has finished.