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Reduce carbon Impact

Reduce the carbon impact of your event by avoiding polluting single-use timing tags.

Lower Cost

Our Shoe Tag is reusable so we can spread the cost across events and pass those savings onto you.

Super simple clip

Assign the Shoe Tag in app and clip to laces in seconds to be race ready.

Easier On The Planet

Our Shoe Tag is 100% reusable. Allowing it be used weekend after weekend. Using a Shoe Tag allows your event to ditch polluting single-use Bib Tags or even Race Bibs altogether, drastically reducing your CO2e impact.

Our industry emits tonnes of CO2e each year using single-use timing tags.  We’re on a mission to change that one event at a time with planet-friendly re-useable timing tags.

New And Improved Design

We’re not going to claim to have invented the humble Shoe Tag, but we have drastically improved it. The Shoe Tags of past required your participants to tie them through their laces. Or worse, use polluting cable ties to secure them. Our simple and secure clip design makes attaching the tag a breeze without harming the planet.

Working with local runners and events, we landed on a design that won’t come off even in the muddiest of conditions.

Super Simple Self Allocation

Getting race ready couldn’t be easier for participants. Just grab any Shoe Tag and assign it in app before clipping onto your laces. Our Shoe Tags are guaranteed to reduce check-in lines. No more waiting for staff to find a specific Race Bib or Tag.

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